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Collecting Wisdom From Many World Renowned Personalities From All Walks of Life

From South Africa to Harvard and Back

Antony Gordon’s background, training, and experience, including academic excellence; the representation of some of the most prominent personalities in sport and entertainment; select training in the human psyche blended with his success as a stand up comic and raw authenticity places him in a unique position to ignite a spark in a dark world and to become the voice for a generation looking for tools and direction to navigate through the landmines along the journey of life.

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Special Guests

Sal Litvak

Award Winning Motion Picture Screenwriter

Ben Shapiro

Leading Conservative Commentator, Daily Wire, Editor in Chief, the Ben Shapiro Show, Host

Dr. Mark Goulston

Best-selling Author, Prominent Psychiatrist

Chris Van Heerden

Former IBO Welterweight Boxing Champion

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